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Some people tend to spend more time fearing and worrying about the outcome of a situation than the time the actual situation itself will take. At times they spend hours, days, weeks or even months more. Can you relate?

The biggest obstacle to any problem is worry and fear. Fear of facing it, worrying about the results once you face it, what if the problem still exists or gets worse. If facing it doesn't help, do I lose my faith, do I blame God, do I blame myself or do I blame others? The fear and worry itself becomes an even bigger obstacle than the issue. We create the problem.

For example, your mom tells you on Monday that you have to attend a friend's kid's party on Saturday. You immediately start thinking to yourself: This is ridicules, why do I have to do this? This bites! A kid's party!?!?! So all week, day and night you dwell on it. As the days go by you get more and more frustrated about it. When others talk to you, you snap at them and end up apologizing explaining to them that it wasn't them but something else that is bothering you. You loose sleep. You feel like you have no control on the situation. You feel trapped, angry, controlled by others, etc. You get agitated, frustrated, and irritable.

Saturday finally arrives and you wake up frustrated and stay that way. Every motion you make is jerky and you are expressing your frustration out on anyone who is near you. Or you may keep totally to yourself and make the environment around you a tense one. Finally, you get to the party and turns out that her friend's kid turns out to be your age and a cute guy! What do we have now? Things are different now? You could go many ways here too. You could get angry at your mother for not telling you this in the 1st place. You could feel embarrassed at your attitude and clam up. Or you could laugh at the fact that you spent a whole week being angry and frustrated for nothing. The first option being a continuance of your distortion of the event. The last option being the most common. How many times have you feared, worried, or were frustrated over something that ended up not being near as bad as you imagined?

Say you have been praying to meet your soul mate for weeks, perhaps for months. In the above example, you decided to rebel by just not going to the party. It just so happens that the 'kid' at the party was who God had planned for you to meet. In this case, you never meet him. So now you go on in life doubting God because He didn’t answer your prayer!

To the reader - think about this for a moment... The door of opportunity was put right there in front of this person and they missed it without even knowing. What opportunities have you missed? When you think back to the times you have feared or worried about a situation, consider what you may have missed out on. Now do this for upcoming situations you may have. Now decide what is worse: Facing the unknown, accepting and dealing with whatever may come, or spend your days and nights in stressful anxiety and possibly missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime that you never even knew was coming?

I write this in hopes that it reaches someone, even if only one person, and will help them next time they are strung out with anxiety. Fear not my friend, you are not alone in the distortions you have and there is always an opportunity out there waiting just for you. It is called "Faith."



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